Book Review – The Sun and Her Flowers

Hello, Wanderers! So... it has been a rather long time since I last updated *ducks and hides* I've been rather busy with school work but also a lot of things occurring in my personal life. But, I have crawled out from within my cave to deliver this book review - which has also been put up... Continue Reading →


November Wrap-Up!

Hello, hello Wanderers! Another month is over, and we are getting closer and closer to Christmas - my bank account is not going to enjoy the next month! This is a short and sweet update; not much to report this month. So... what have I read this month? The answer is, a pitiful one book... Continue Reading →

October Wrap-Up!

Hello, Wanderers! So, this is my first and (very!) belated October wrap-up! So, what did I read this month? Not much is the answer to that! A lack of time coupled with a seemingly never ending reading slump meant that I read a grand total of 3 books! First, Tower of Dawn! And I feel like I... Continue Reading →

Mental Health

Hello again Wanderers! What a shock here! 2 updates in a week! I wouldn't expect this too often though! For those who read my story over on my Bookstagram account Wanderingfandoms, you will have noticed that I mentioned a blog post based around mental health. I wanted to share my story, my experience, not to... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Zarox

Hey there Wanderers! GUESS WHO IS ACTUALLY POSTING AFTER AGES! Life has been rather hectic! So... I was messaged by an author on my Bookstagram to read his story in exchange for a strictly honest review so, here it is! Click here for the link to their Instagram page! BOOK NAME: The Book of Zarox AUTHOR: Louis Smith MY... Continue Reading →

Kindness and Confidence

Hello, Wanderers! So, this post is not necessarily about books, but is still important to me and I am sure to many others too. It involves some things that I feel strongly about and want to share with you guys because, who knows - you might feel the same, or agree or find that you hadn't... Continue Reading →

My Very First Blog Post!

Hello, wonderful people! This is the introduction to my brand new blog - I wouldn't expect it to be too good but it will get better (fingers crossed!). Now,  you are definitely going to have to be patient with me because I will let you in to a little secret... come closer... closer... all right,... Continue Reading →

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